Friday, November 9, 2012

On the lighter side-Travel-Paradise Island, The Bahamas-4

The third day of our trip started the same way as we ordered breakfast in the room but then we went to a new ride where you are splashed down a tube and it slows inside where you are surrounded by a glass cage full of sharks and then come down to a soaking end. It was fun but in this case you have to carry your own inflatable tube up three flights (exhausting). After that my favorite haunt was again the rapids but other family members wanted to see all the pools in the hotel so we went to other pools to try them out (nothing new there just water). At the end of the pool time at 7.00 P.M. we decided to take a rest and then we went to a new place just few blocks away called the marina with high end shops and restaurants. We took the shuttle bus there at night. There was a ice cream shop but we were first interested in eating so we went to restaurant called Bimini Road and ordered sea food like shrimp and grouper sandwich and they were so delicious. Since we ate a lot and did not have space for ice cream afterwards, we decided to walk back to our hotel tower (bad choice) it was dark but a long walk since we were in a new country but people were friendly enough to guide us to our hotel. Next time we decided we will not take that risk and just take the shuttle bus back and forth.

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