Thursday, November 8, 2012

On the lighter side-Travel-Paradise Island, The Bahamas-2

We went to the pool and there was one which was called rapids. Essentially it was a lazy river type of thing where you sit your back on huge inflatable balloons and the flow of the waters takes you around and around. To make it fun and exciting, it has several places where it makes you seem like you are in a real river where the water flows slow and sometimes fast with waves to carry you through. This became my favorite place for the rest of the vacation. Since I don’t know how to swim but still go into the pool, the rapid was kind of my type of pool. Anyway after enjoying the pool the first day, we came back and then ponder over where to get our dinner. Since we had not had our lunch and breakfast was not too much, we wanted to get a hearty meal. We tried to eat at a buffet place but decided against it since it was way too expensive. We decided to take a less costly way to eat at another restaurant which was inside the hotel near a huge Aquarium. After eating dinner, we needed some snacks and went to a store in the hotel (again) called sundry with way outrageous prices (which is an understatement of sorts). But we had to get something in order not to starve and then went to our room to sleep about 10.00.

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