Friday, November 9, 2012

On the lighter side-Travel-Paradise Island, The Bahamas-7

That night we were supposed to go to Bimini Road restaurant in the Marina but since all outside activities were closed, we decided to eat inside but since the wait for long decided to go to The Dig, a place where there are different kinds of fish and other aquatic animals. It is a semi-dark place to walk through, small though but a thing to be seen. One thing to note that even some things seem far to walk, you don’t have to venture outside to see the theater or aquarium or restaurant. There is a huge passageway that takes you from one tower hotel to another lined with world class luxury boutique shops (with eye popping prices). After dinner, since we had nothing else to do we braved ourselves and went to the west wing of the Royal Tower where you have to go through a passageway with an gusty air vacuum in between so that you have to brave through that. So this was our last night indoors and in the Bahamas. Since the checkout time was 11.00 we woke up and started to pack our stuff. The main pain was to drag the luggage through the basement (since the passageway was closed due to high winds). After reaching the checkout counter, we waited for our shuttle to take us back to the airport, which was closed at that time. Long lines of people were waiting for the airport to open and the counters to check in for the flight and finally at 3.15, they opened the airport, after the check in, comes the security and immigration official of the US was kind and asked simple question like how long you stayed, where etc. After that we got some expensive snacks at the airport and boarded our plane at 5.45 P.M. So there you have it our annual vacation. We liked it so much in Bahamas that we are planning to come back here sometime in the future. Just for your information, U.S. is widely accepted and it seems is the de facto second currency of the Country (in addition of the official currency the Bahamian Dollar) and just make sure to have ample money on hand to pay for all the trip since it becomes pretty expensive fast. Apart from that no complains whatsoever. (FULL DISCLOSURE: ALL THE NAMES MENTIONED IN MY POSTS TRAVEL-PARADISE ISLAND, THE BAHAMAS ARE THOSE OF THEIR COPYRIGHT OWNERS AND I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER FROM THEM WHILE MENTIONING THEM HERE. THIS IS JUST THE INFORMATION I FEEL I EXPERIENCED WHILE VACATIONING THERE)

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