Friday, November 9, 2012

On the lighter side-Travel-Paradise Island, The Bahamas-6

Since we were unable to venture to our favorable place, the rapids and the pools were closed as was all outside activity since we could see the Atlantic ocean waves splashing against the sands and the palm trees ferociously waving back and forth, we forcibly decided to take advantage of what the inside of the hotel is like. The winds were shaking with the high windows (because of Category 2 winds), my wife dropped the kids (since the parents were not allowed) to a video game parlor which had more activities than just video games. After that we went to another place where the kids could join the parents in pursuing activities all on the computers and video games. And since in order to connect to the internet at your room cost about 20 dollars for a 24 hour period, I used the computer at the place for free (actually you can say that we spent 20 dollars each) to avail the facility of computers and games. Not much time was spent there, then we headed to buying some souvenirs at a local shop during which time, the traditional Bahamas dance started to come with their colorful costumes. Just to mention on the side that the hotel also have a casino which was strangely not crowded and have super high end shops. I wonder who buys stuff from there since most of the shops were just open with the cashier in attendance but tourists may have bought something in the past that those shops exists. There is a movie theater in one of the towers where you can watch the latest movies for free (if you don’t feel like watching on small screen on your room TV or spend too much money on one movie).

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