Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The latest flare up in the Middle East

Here we go again with the small scale war in the Middle East. As I wrote in my previous post some time ago, there would never be any peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis because there is too much hatred and no side wants to budge an inch on what they think is right for their side. Having said that, there is news coming out that Egypt has brokered a truce between the two factions so that some kind of uneasy peace can take hold. Although Israel seems to mulling a ground invasion of Gaza Strip to fix this problem but we have already seen this episode before and it will be again futile that this invasion will make Israel much safer or closer to permanent peace. Now the U.S. has been trying to stop the fighting but the efforts will only result in a truce or a ceasefire of hostilities and not a permanent peace. Is there any hope to end this frequent flare ups. Nope since as I said before both sides are stubborn and the world is now getting very tired of this constant bickering that takes away all the attention of other ghastly acts being committed elsewhere. There seems to be no interest on the part of any mediators to force both sides to come to a table and I have been watching this since I was born and this conflict will keep on going till I leave this earth.

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