Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is he/she the right one?

This one really gets under my skin, how you would know that if she or he is the right one for you unless you lived with them your whole life and go through ups and down through the entire journey of your life. People always keep on saying that I am looking for the right one but what is the right one? There is no set criterion for it, everybody has different ideas about it and maybe looking for it but you can't be absolutely sure you can have hit the jackpot with the right one. Even when you think you are with the right one, something happens and you end up separating or worse yet divorcing that person and then you realize that maybe that person was not the right one. But after how many years you realize that? Nowadays there are so many websites out there that promises you to match you up with the right person by going through a personality check with all the scientific mumbo jumbo thrown in and you feel mesmerized about that opportunity to meet that "ONE" but it is just an illusion. According to me there is no right or wrong one, since you will be compromising all your life once you meet your dream person, because you are on your best behavior when you are courting or dating another person but life actually starts after you live together. So don’t get into the hype of the finding the right one, only the one you will compromise the less in the future.

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