Monday, November 26, 2012

The Best Nonprofit Brand awareness

I was just about thinking what is the best for profit brand and you can name quiet a few but when it comes to the number one Non Profit Brand it must be the Breast cancer awareness Susan G. Komen for the cure® brand that seems to me the number one in the world (some may dispute this fact and I may agree to their assertion but for now I believe it is the number one non Profit brand). All year long, the people at Komen brand keeps on reminding people about the dangers of Breast cancer, but as October rolls in of every year, they go ballistic and go in overdrive sponsoring walks and inviting women who are survivors and others along with their men folk to join in for a cure of this deadly disease. One of my cousin did die of Breast cancer but she found out at the last stage and she use to say how painful the therapy is. But I salute the brilliance of this non Profit foundation that their advertise so mercilessly that it is hard to ignore their message and as I said before, it is not just October they are increasingly active but all year long they keep on emphasizing and raising funds and keep on assembling an impressive array of people who have survived this disease to speak on behalf of them and encourage women to have early scanning of their breasts. And it is not only the women but now men are also increasingly been diagnosed with this type of cancer. This is the kind of advertising that other non-profit and even for profit entities should follow and build a brand with their type of zeal and enthusiasm.

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