Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Unsustainable Truth-5

I know if any politicians talks about reduction in defense budget, he or she will immediately face a barrage of being unpatriotic or not concerned about the security of the country but we really have to discuss the defense budget and where should be our real obligations be given the changed world in which we live and the economic reality we are in. It is no good to duck this issue and put your head in the sand that the issue will go away. Our defense budget has been increasing and we need to prioritize our troops so that we are not wasting our resources where it should not be wasted (Europe and Japan is one place).

We should also be in a habit of start spending what we earn instead of borrowing from international and local investors. It simply cannot be sustained. How much longer will we be able to borrow before out credit rating suffers (it is already on the intense watch list by the rating agencies). We should make it easier for people to manage their own finances and teach them how to handle their budget and savings. Savings is very essential for our country finances, yet it is not being promoted and sometimes penalized (like right now with a meager less than one percent interest rate on savings account in banks). Even with this great recession, people are somewhat illiterate about how the financial world works and they leave it to the so called professional to handle their finances which they can handle themselves if they know more about it.

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