Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogging decline (or not)

Just fresh news out there which states that young people are less interested in long form blog and more interested in social networks, where they don’t have to write that much or read that much. The article goes on to state that the young people don’t want to share their opinions with the world due to their privacy concerns. But these same people want to post their photos on social networking sites for everyone in the world to see. I can understand that blogging is very personal and it is one person’s experience or opinion but there can more important things to do with the blogs.

Not all the blogs are personal (although most of them are), you can find many with niche topics and you can make plenty of opinions of your own about them by making you think. I am not saying this just because I blog (I just started at end of October 2009) but blogging and social networks sites have different platforms and audiences. You can have a long form blog or short form it all depends on your taste. Once you are in college (if you choose to go) then you can have ideas about your term and research papers.

Anyway I am unable to express my thoughts in 140 characters or less or have it plastered on social networking sites (which I have joined only one of them). Although I believe they are a good platform to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends and great for advertisement (if you own a business or start up).

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