Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Transformation of the book industry:

There was a time when the book industry was a dominant one in terms of people’s attention. It still is but now it has competition with regarding to having people’s attention. There are now the video games, internet, movies, music and the like. Although I still see people reading books on the bus and on the train and anything and anywhere where their hands are free and they don’t have much to do. But even in some of the places, people can play games and talk on the cell phone.

It is not that people have lost the habit to read, but now their lives are so busy that paying attention to some serious reading can take away more important things in their lives. I use to read fiction books like novels but it was long time ago, now my reading habits are replaced by the internet and television and text books. I read anything and everything which interests me right on the internet. Maybe I am getting old but I don’t have the patience (or the time for that matter) to read a book 300 to 500 page long (although I would commend that my wife has developed a habit recently to read novels which interests here and she is an avid reader now). I can only read non fiction or text books (when I am at school). It does not mean that I don’t read, it is just that reading pages after pages can not hold my attention much longer.

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