Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On the lighter Side:-Movies- Avatar

Another winner from the director of Titanic. I watched it with a full theatre and inflated tickets (you have to pay USD3.00 extra for the 3D glasses). This movie should be watched in a theatre and nowhere else. It is about a planet called Pandora where the inhabitants hold an extremely rare metal under a supposedly divine tree which the humans also want to take it and they are trying to coerce the inhabitants to relocate to another place so they can take this rare metal.

First they try to plant an individual with the same qualities and features into them to take them into confidence but when this human individual becomes sympathetic to the cause of the aliens then the humans try to destroy the aliens’ planet. Visually stunning with a completely new language created for this movie, it is about love and respect for other cultures and religions and also about greed. I will not pass any judgment regarding what it alludes to or not. Just sit back and enjoy this superb and I would say a long (over two and half hours) which never slows down or is dull or drags along and you seem to praying to end. Enjoying all the way through. I would highly recommend it. Not to be missed.

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