Monday, February 1, 2010

The French Disconnection:-4

I have been to France before (specifically Paris) and I enjoyed walking through champs de Elyse. I was unfortunate enough not to see the Eiffel tower since the line was very long and temperature was very hot. Further more I went to the Louvre museum and also the tomb of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. French nation has given the world their culture, language, fashion, perfumes, luxury goods and the famous French legionnaires. They would not want to be the first one to be associated for banning some harmless clothing I believe.

Now this disease is spreading to Italy, where they want to ban the burqa and burqinis. What is going on here is the threat that the major European countries perceive to be an attack on their culture and religion. Even for example if the bans are successful, do they believe it will help the cause of the women who will still wear it elsewhere. There could be more backlash against this kind of clothing and unnecessarily more violence.

As I said before instead of enacting a law, why not let the public handle it their way so that it is not perceived by the outside world that the governments are behind this kind of ridiculous ban. And further more have they solved all the problems of their citizens that they have the time to do this kind of wasteful legislation which has the sole purpose of targeting one religion alone.

Then this entire notion about being a free society in Europe is just a fa├žade to show to the outside world but inside they are inherently xenophobic and scared and intolerant about other religions and cultures.

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