Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terror trials Controversies:-2

Furthermore nobody has thought about the costs. In these economic times, when everybody (including the states and Federal Government) are hurting and trying to save money, why should we be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on something that is quite obvious, these terrorists don’t want any sympathy, they just want to die at the hands of the Americans and gain martyrdom. That is their only agenda.

It will not only incur huge expenses but also logistic nightmare for every body. A media circus will be created unless it is behind some military installation. We should also not forget the psyche of these people. They will be laughing their butt off seeing us trying these terrorists in courts (which they don’t least bit care about) who have attempted to harm the American people and have free publicity about their views in all the top media outlets in the world.

The best way to try these people is to not try them at all anywhere. And if some misguided people think that it is cool idea to try them anyway (just to show the world that we are fair), then they should be tried in a Military court (since remember they have been designated enemy combatants) and behind closed doors and outside the United States territory.

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