Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Transformation of the book industry:-2

There was also a time when the only way to read a book or research a term paper was through a library (I did it at that time). Just to do your research paper I had to go to the college library, take out the relevant books, make photocopies of the pages and then sit out in the library to do the research. Furthermore the pain was on the time constraint, like I had to come at a certain time and then leave at a certain time. It was really painful to do research in those pre-internet days.

But now when I went back to school after a long time, I did the research right in my PJs and in my home computer, printing right at home all the material and doing the researchand submitting the paper without leaving my home. It is so convenient. This is also what transformed the Book industry. There use to be so many book sellers before and now only two chains are surviving. And even they have transformed into a library type setting.

There is coffee shop in the store and chairs for the people to relax and enjoy the reading and if they like the book they can buy it too. It is just a matter of survival for these book stores. They now have a lot of competition from on line book companies who can discount heavily their books without the added expenses of physical stores and employees payroll.

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