Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being Labeled-2

Even when you apply online or contact the recruiting agencies saying that you want to start in a new career and you are working to acquire knowledge in that field, they will not entertain you, since these agencies are hired specifically to find potential employees which fit the description of the job the employers have conveyed to these agencies. It can be highly frustrating process. Even if you have acquired the requisite knowledge in a new field, you will stuck with the new reality of not having the experience.

Somebody has to give a chance to have that experience but as the saying goes (let George do it), it is always somebody else job to train you and then you can come to the new employer with that experience. Nobody wants to be the first to train you and fear that you might leave when you acquire that experience. In this process they loose lots of potential talent.

Being labeled is such a devastating experience that unless you go on your own or drastically acquire new degrees you are stuck with it. That is why all these manufacturing and construction jobs which are getting lost, the people who work in their tends to be older and not that much educated (not all of them) and it will be hard for them to acquire new skills and even more convince their potential employers that they can do something other than what they have been doing for the last twenty years. This process of labeling has been going on forever frustrating many people and forcing them to retire prematurely and losing more U.S. productivity while burdening our social services. We need to take a chance on these people and help them achieve new careers which can make them more productive and happy during the rest of their productive lives.

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