Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Escape from Afghanistan?

If somebody who is awake has read this news that due to a conflict of opinions regarding keeping troops in Afghanistan, the Dutch coalition government has collapsed. I really don’t get it, it is said that an attack on one NATO country makes it necessary that all the countries respond forcefully, but here this is a small country whose casualties are not that much and they are trying to get out of Afghanistan. I can understand that the Dutch person are against the Afghan war, but is it fair that America should be fighting all the wars on behalf of other people.

The American has a nuclear umbrella over Europe and what purpose they have huge armies with nuclear weapons (France and U.K) and if some casualties arise they try to take their personnel out of the War zone. Netherlands want to go back to their cocoons and stay there, what kind of example they are showing the Taliban that when push comes to shove, they run out like chicken, is the American life so cheap that they keep on trying to fight all these Taliban. And mind you Netherlands are not on the top of the favorites of the Taliban because of their anti-Islam and anti Muslims stances. So I believe that the next time they (I mean the Europeans) come to ask for our help, we should remind them about their own cowardice and reluctance to fight. I also believe that all that prosperity in Europe has made them too comfortable in their homes and the call to duty is not something the new generation is use to.

My post may sound bitter but that is the truth if you believe in freedom of opinion in Europe. That is why sometimes it is better to act alone than to start negotiations with your friends because everybody has to look after their own interests and we should look after our own and not others (I mean Europeans) in some cases.

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