Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in

Yesterday was a snow day for me. I had to take off from work since it was snowing heavily in New Jersey. But it really sucked since I am a temporary employee I had to forego one day’s pay. My wife had to work from home since she is a permanent employee and her job affords her the luxury to stay at home and work from there. I really wish I had that kind of job but one I am a temporary worker and second my job requires me to be at work no matter what so I don’t have that luxury of working from home.

There was a time not long ago that people had to physically come to work but with the increase usage of internet and telecommuting and advancement of technology, one can easily remotely work from home without losing their days and without disrupting the company’s business. Although it is still frowned upon by the senior management to work from home when you can possibly come to work, but the resistance is breaking down when you can see the benefit of minimal disruption of business even when the weather is inclement. But it is not true for some businesses and even some departments in the business where you have to absolutely come to work no matter what the weather is and use either your personal day or vacation day if you are unable to come.

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