Thursday, February 11, 2010

Being Labeled

Have you ever been labeled? I have. By being labeled means that you are suited for just one type of job and the employer will not consider you or take a risk on you (meaning training) since they don’t have the time or the money or don’t want to make an effort to develop human resources. I am just not saying that all the employers are like that but the majority is like that. In this fast paced business environment where even a one day loss is too much for employers, they want to hire somebody who already has the necessary experience to hit the ground running as soon as they hired. Although I can generally sympathize with these employers but to be fair nobody learns things from their mother’s womb, they gain experience only when they are hired for a certain position.

If I want to do something else (other than what I am doing right now) no sire I can’t I have already been labeled suitable for only such and such position and if I don’t have the experience good luck, I am starve or be on food stamps or better yet just go back to school (which I am doing right now-third time) to change my career goals.

It is just a shame that the employers think that I may only be suitable for a certain job like I had a choice; somebody has to pay the bills and support a family. It is not that I can just sit on my back and wait for my dream job even if I have to wait for several years.

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