Friday, February 12, 2010

Is Retirement Over-hyped?

Ah retirement, magic word that puts smile on peoples faces like a kid with an ice cream in their hands. If you reach a certain age then retirement is a milestone, but for some people retiring in their Fifties is really like you have really made it and not worried about your expenses if you retire. For some it is just a chance to do something which they love without worrying about getting up in the morning or following a rigid 9 to 5 life or being together without their kids (if you have them). But is retirement really that magic word that it has been hyped to death not only by the financial industry but by politicians, media and all sorts of people.

But if you really love some thing do it right now when you are young, but wait people will say that don’t have the time to undertake such kind of venture with all the expenses and time consuming activities. But if you are going to wait for retirement then how would you know you are interested in the same activity as you were when you had the energy to do it.

In this economy where the people who followed all the rules and saved in their 401 (k) and retirement account and stock market have lost a bundle are trying to postpone their retirements in order to make some money. Then there is this demand by their kids who have lost jobs and moving back with their parents which put additional burden on them to postpone retirement to support their kids.

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