Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Transformation of the book industry:-3

But the experience of holding the book in your hand and then flipping the pages and reading for a while cannot be replaced by the visual experience you have if browsing on the internet. Every person is different, some may like the internet experience and some may not and one more thing if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for a few days to get your hand on to a favorite book, then there is no replacing the book store. You get the book right away by walking to your nearby book store but you pay a premium (listed) price for the convenience of having it right that instance.

But I still believe that the internet has transformed the book industry for the better by letting the people have access to book information right on the internet. It is heart wrenching for the people who have lost their jobs when the book stores have closed but there is always a casualty and an opportunity when new technology comes to old industries. The price comparison between the online book stores and the physical stores is too much and the money and time saved on books purchasing have decreased tremendously. There will be continuous turmoil in this vital industry as technology advances and convenience grows with the way the books are purchased and read.

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