Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Demands on Government Services-3

While I am at it, a new report came out stating that the states revenue has declined due to the ongoing recession. My previous post suggested some tax increase and pension and wage freezes and also putting most of the government paperwork on line. Although most of my proposals will be opposed by the public (as usual) but there is no way out of this fiscal mess that we are in.

However much I don’t like it and neither does an overwhelming majority of the citizens, but it is a fact that a combination of higher taxes and fees along with wage, pension freezes and services cuts will be essential in order for the states to provide essential services to needy and not so needy people. There is no way around this, maybe it won’t happen soon but later it will have to happen otherwise more painful cuts will be forced upon people (like they are doing in California and also overseas in Greece)

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