Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back from the Dead

Just when you thought it was safe to stop hearing about health care, it has come back roaring again to torture us again for the New Year. This time the President is proposing a 950 billion dollar tab (over ten years) on the health care which he is saying is better than the last one. And this time the Democrats don’t seem to care about bi-partisanship and just want to bypass everybody in order to pass the new bill. Another aspect of the bill is that it won’t add the deficit (yeah right, I am skeptical). It is including a combination of higher taxes, cuts and fees to pay for it. But you and I know that all this rosy forecast is jus that rosy.

Nobody knows what will happen one year from now (remember the housing collapse) lest we are magicians to know what will happen in ten years. What is happening to the job market? I understand that the health care bill is very important and near and dear to the President but as I said before in my previous posts that if I don’t have a job how will I pay for the health care premiums. Granted I will be subsidized by the Government but ultimately I will have to pay it through other subtle means. You can’t have health insurance without putting food on the table and that is right now the number one issue. Getting people to jobs. If the price tab is almost one trillion dollars (and it may become an entitlement like the Medicare), I am almost sure that we can spend that kind of money on creating jobs (maybe even half of that). So instead of again exhausting our energies on a bill which is not even sure to pass, lets try to have a bill for job creation (which I am sure will have bipartisan support). This is my humble request and appeal.

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