Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the lighter side- Sports- Football- Super bowl

Some of you may be wondering why I did not commented on the biggest sports event in the U.S. The reasons (s) are (is) I really don’t know the game that well (or not at all except touchdown). Nobody that I know of significantly follow the football although it is a prime event and even bigger than baseball (some will dispute that). It has been duly noted this time around (with surveys) that some of the people watch the game for its innovative or new ads. It is also a night for electronic stores since they advertise the biggest TV sets there are to the football crowd.

There are parties going on due to this event with alcohol and snacks and all kinds of junk food. Men are in an adrenaline state and it is a kind of festival in almost all the houses where there is a football fan even if their home team is not playing. Even some women jump on this bandwagon and see the sports with their significant other.

Since I did not watch the game, I could not comment on the ads or the game, but the final score and the winning team I checked it out. So there you have it, now I should not be blamed for not commenting on the Super bowl.

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