Friday, February 26, 2010

The lack of in the land of plenty:

It has been said that America is a land of plenty. It’s true that we have enough of everything but due to see that because of this economy we have become a lack of every thing now. People have a lack of confidence about their future, lack of trust in the job opportunity, lack of health care, lack of equity in their houses, lack of savings in their banks, lack of jobs (most specifically), lack of trust in their government, lack of vision and doubt in the young generation to catch up to their parents living standards, lack of affordable housing, lack of privacy etc. In fact if we look closely we are having a lack of crisis.

So how to we get rid of this lack of syndrome. Well the politicians should start this initiative by being truthful about our weaknesses and strengths without coating it in accounting gimmicks and having a hopeful future. We can’t wish for a bright future when we are burdening our future generation with high taxes and extremely high and uncontrollable federal deficits. If we can’t keep our country’s budget in check how can be expect people (who are already struggling) to keep their daily budget in sync.

We need a politician with a vision and realistic approach to the problems we are facing instead of having a utopian vision about a perfect world. Nobody is perfect and if we start from there we will be able to achieve something concrete.

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