Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Yemen conflict

I have literally lost count of the time when the Yemen conflict started as the Houthi Shiite militia has taken to the streets fighting a Saudi Backed leader whose is fighting to regain control of a country where almost forty percent of the population is Houthi Shiites and the rest are Sunnis with terrorists thrown in for good measure. It all started with corruption (what else is new) in the government and perceived or not marginalization of Houthi rebels. The Saudi always insecure sees them as threat to their security and accused Iran (whether rightly or wrongly ) of supporting them and has launched an aerial assault on them which can be dubbed a Saudi inspired and force coalition by a bunch of countries who are indebted to Saudi money in their times of need. Now it was payback time and the rest you know is still going on but much of the bombing is being done by Saudis, the rest just there to show their support (and gratitude). Now the question arises here that where was this grand coalition when Israeli was bombing Gaza Strip and killing Arab Muslims. Why that is the Muslims are great in killing other Muslims but when it comes to have a fight with Non Muslims they chicken out. The reason is quite simple that there is so much hatred between different sects of the Muslims that they don’t have the time to think about other religions. They are busy trying to point fingers at other Muslims for not being enough Muslims or don’t even consider them Muslims and the racists and nationalist attitude of some Muslim countries (not necessarily Arabs) also have something do with do with how Muslims behave towards each other. Until the above mentioned tendencies are put to rest and buried, all these conflicts among Muslims will keep on going making them further and further behind progress of other nations.

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