Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii

I am sure you may have a hidden desire to vacation at least one time in Hawaii and so it was our dream to visit it too. I had been there long time ago with my parents, but not in married life which is a whole different experience. So rather than wait for a some opportune time to visit, we decided this was the year that we will make our dream come through and so with that thought in mind (and finances too), my wife always the resourceful in looking for good enough deals so that we don’t break our bank in the process but also have a decent accommodation during our stay, found one in Oahu, Hawaii. Although before I move on, I would like to emphasize that all the products and accommodation I am mentioning is my own personal opinion based on my experiences and I don’t endorse them and are not paid by any of the companies involved (although secretly I wish I was paid but that is another story). So after much searching in which we had a choice in a budget either to go to Europe or to Hawaii. Europe is a good attraction but I have a problem that my passport was going to expire at the end of August and since we are a beach family (I am beach and mountain person, my family only beach but they also enjoy the mountains but not more than me). Hawaii became the winner at the end and my wife chooses an all inclusive package deal with Hawaiian® Airlines. The most dreaded part of the trip was the eleven hours nonstop flight from New York to Honolulu airport. But that was the only way to go to Hawaii.

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