Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii-6

It shows that you don’t need to go to a fancy place in order to enjoy good food. After eating there, we headed back to our resort. Although it was not that late but the driving was on a road with few people and lights. A thing that we noticed was that even with minimal light and few people around, we saw some people walking with a woman and baby stroller too which seems to suggest that it was very safe to walk there at night. Anyway reaching our resort, I dropped my family and looked for the parking as the place was packed and you had to really look for a parking spot even far from your resort. I did not mind as I loved walking and the weather was accommodating. Even entering the resort you are greeted by the resort staff and lobby is lively enough that you can sit there and enjoy the ocean view. The next day was the beach day besides the resort. The resort offered two hour snorkeling gear but it was not that of a great use as my wife, despite my insistence on taking her phone, decided to go into the water, forgetting that her phone was in her pocket. She tried to salvage it by doing everything, like burying in the sand for a while but it was no use. But she was not determined to ruin her vacation by mourning over the loss of her phone. I did not know that as I was venturing on the other side of the beach and came to know about when I came back. In the meanwhile, my daughter had received a cut on her hand and we headed to the first aid guy on the beach to get some band aid.

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