Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii-4

As soon as we left Honolulu, the traffic became thinner and thinner with the sight of high rises and houses vanishing behind us and lush open spaces in front of us. We drove through some of the best beaches as we were eager to reach our destination. When we finally reach our resort, it was beautiful right beside the sea. It is called Turtle Bay Resort. It is on the north shore area of Oahu Island far from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and very tranquil. After checking in, we went to our room and as we entered the view from the room were breaths taking as the waves were splashing against the sandy beaches. The Swimming pool nearby and you can see the whole view of trees and mountains around you. It was like we were in a magical land (I would not call it heaven or paradise because I have not been there (yet)) with few of the maddening rush that you experience in a big city. Here you can easily forget all your worries (for a while at least financially) and just to absorb the views. For us the first day would be rest after a long flight and a long drive. It was almost getting dark but when you are in such a place where you can hear the waves splashing 24 hours a day and the weather is the same all around; your tiredness vanishes very fast. The room with a view was great with the bathroom in a superb condition. For me I always check the bathroom in every hotel or resort I stay. Because if the Bathroom sucks, my stay will not be that great even if you are in a magical land called Hawaii.

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