Sunday, June 21, 2015

Are we running out of water?

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently came out with a report that shows satellite imagery saying that the earth’s ground water is being depleted very rapidly and maybe we will be running out of water. It shows the most stressed out areas in South Asia, Arabia and Africa. Now we will never know how much water is left and neither does NASA but this is a worrying sign. We may never be able to run out of water but the shortage of water and especially clean water will also be an issue. Look at what California in the U.S. is going through with droughts in the fourth year and no sign of ample water, and this I am talking about the most advanced country in the world. Despite all the human development and advanced, humans have not be able to replete water with a so called artificial water to sustain life. We are constantly looking out of water in far reaches of space and also in our own world, water scarcity has been issue as human population increases and water is being divided among more humans. We are constantly looking at the sky for rain and when sometimes it does not fall that much, we are scrambling to restrict water usage. If you see from world history, wherever there is water, life springs up and if don’t use water carefully we will not be able to sustain any form of life in the future. Remember despite what some people think, water is not an infinite resource and the dire predictions of NASA may still come through as humans are wasting water at an increasing rate.

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