Sunday, June 7, 2015

Searching for computers

Recently my computer was acting very strangely lately and was shutting down by itself and also restarting for no apparent reason. And also when I was on it sometimes the mouse froze in the middle of web browsing and I had to shut it down to restart again. Sometimes it started to make weird noises and there was no picture on the monitor and I had to the same again, shut it down and restart again. I had misplaced (consider it careless enough to lose) my recovery disc for computer operating systems. I also talked to some IT people who said that it was a motherboard issue and I had to go the tech to fix it and somebody else said that I should contact the manufacturer to find out if they will be able to send me a replacement operating system disc. I was not sure initially what to do since I love my computer but it was making me a little frustrated that it was acting up but I guess it was time to replace it with a new one. I decided that since it was eventually going to die sooner than later, it would be wise to save my files on a flash drive, so I drove to a tech store and got a 32GB drive for less than 12 dollars. Nowadays they are so cheap that it is much easier to buy it to backup your files. I did not even know that there were two different versions of it. I as usual for financial purposes bought a USB 2.0 flash drive because they were cheaper. But there is also a newer kind which is called USB 3.0, the difference between the two being 3.0 is faster and it can take less time to transfer your files than the other one.

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