Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii-9

From there we headed towards Hanauma Bay but we reached there just it was about to close. It is a great place to snorkel and relax but we were too late to enjoy it. We saw another mountain nearby called Koko Crater where people will trek to around 1100 stairs or so to reach the top. No can do either. We had lunch nearby and then headed towards our resort going through some of the exclusive residential areas of Honolulu. At night we had dinner at the resort restaurant and enjoy the beautiful night and the surroundings. The next day was our flight so we had to pack our stuff and go to sleep early. Getting up early in the morning was very hard especially it was our last day. I bought some coffee and donuts from the resort breakfast area and after checking out headed towards our car. During the drive back to the airport, my wife was crying to say goodbye to Honolulu and she did not wanted to go, but it was time to leave and get back to reality. Before we had to give our rental car back, we ate and fill up the car with gas and headed for the bus to take us to the airport. We took some snacks at the airport so that we don’t get hungry on our flight which was thankfully 9 hours, two hours less than before. Again short of entertainment options on the Hawaiian Airlines ® the flight was smooth and we did not had any problem reaching our destination in New York, thinking again about the time we will come back to Hawaii.

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