Sunday, June 7, 2015

Searching for computers-3

Well now back to where I was. While my computer was on the last legs of its life, I hurried transfer all my important files on my flash drive. Notice that I said important files, some of my files were not that important and I knew that if my computer went down I would not be that worried about losing those ones, that is why I never saved those files on any of my storage devices. Anyway, before I was going to buy my computer, I would have to see how much I would want to pay for the new one. I started to look around at various online and other retail sites for a new computer and my wife started the same (she ultimately ordered one). Now the decision was which one would be more suited. I became interested in laptops as they were becoming cheaper with more processors and computing power but my heart was still stuck with desktop as I was replacing a desktop. Although I don’t use that much storage space but still I wanted to buy with enough storage for my files. Nowadays when you are looking to buy a computer you have a standard storage space of 500 GB which is enough storage space. You can pay some more money and get a 1TB storage space, but for now 500 GB of space was sufficient for me. There are really two companies out there who dominate the computer market in processors, Intel ® and AMD ®. Intel ® is more expensive and the dominant one. And even in that category, they have different stages of storage for different market segments.

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