Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Massacre in South Carolina

A few days ago a white gunman entered a historically black church where there was some bible study going on and opened fire killing nine members and fleeing. Thankfully or luckily whatever you want to say, he was caught in a traffic stop in another state. And it was a pure Christian on Christian attack but with a racist overtone. Now whatever the media is calling it, one fact should be established from the start. It was and is a terrorist act. Terrorists used to be and still are in majority of cases Muslims but the definition of terrorism should also include other races and religions. A terrorist by means of his/her act tries to terrorize and make people afraid of his/her actions and make people live in fear and this has what happened in South Carolina. It was a terrorist attack and a domestic one in that as people should be truly afraid of since it is home grown and bred and nothing to do with religion at all. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones and also encouraged by their strength to forgive their loved ones killers. But still it will be hard to make your live move on because people who were praying to their lord and not harming anybody were gunned down just because they happen to be of black color. But they still humans and creation of GOD. Nobody has the right to be a judge of what and who is right or wrong and these racist tendencies should be discouraged and pursued wherever it exists or appears because without it America would not be a safe haven for anybody.

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