Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii-2

So on a Sunday, we ventured warily but definitely excited about our trip to Hawaii. After the usual and customary security check, we went to the gate and got seated and got some snacks as we did not have our breakfast yet. The screen was saying Honolulu eleven hours flight. Although it was cold, I decided to wear a T-Shirt and with slippers on and I was feeling the chills a little bit, but I did not wanted to carry on shoes since it is very disturbing to take off and put on especially during the security check. But for the beach purpose, they were perfect. Well the time came for the boarding and we went inside the plane which was packed. After putting our carry on in the overhead compartment, we got settled and the flight took off on time. You know I have this problem that when the plane takes off and when it lands, there is some queasy feeling in my stomach that does not make me feel good but once I am in the air, it is fine. Well apart from the trip which went smooth with food and snacks provided on equal time, the terrible part of Hawaiian Airlines is that you have to pay for your movies or entertainment and most of the goods snacks were on sale. The sale part you can deal with, but in order to kill 11 hours sitting in a confined area and most of the time on your seating doing nothing is not the sort of activity people want to deal with. But now we know and we can use this lesson to see which airlines are good. My wife told me that Hawaiian Airlines was the only nonstop Airlines and she had a package so we were kind of stuck with the airline.

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