Sunday, June 7, 2015

Searching for computers-2

I have all the time in the world to save my files and I don’t have the money to spend more money on USB 3.0 so that my files can be save X amount of seconds or minutes earlier. I would rather wait and do something else while waiting for the files to transfer. If I had less time or if I have more files to download, then maybe I may invest in more fast flash drive, but for my now this may suffice. And now you have so many choices to save their files on several of the cloud services which gives you enough free space that you save on multiple places and also since many households have more than one computer, like laptop and desktop that you can save your files across several computers besides cloud services. And I did the same thing, saving my files across multiple places of storage so that I can access it even if I am away from my home computer. Another day I was reading that besides flash drive, you can have your own personal cloud storage which you can store your files and they come in various storage sizes reaching up to colossal space of 48 TB which is enough to storage a lifetime of stuff. I know that is my expensive but the most affordable one are 16TB and 20TB which is nearly 1600 dollars with the former being around 900 dollars. So there are now more options for storage than ever before and the technology is still improving very rapidly.

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