Sunday, June 7, 2015

Searching for computers-5

My wife ordered it and it was supposed to come in five to seven days time with standard free shipping but it came within four days which was a pleasant and happy surprise. I waited for the weekend to come so I should unpack it and then plug it in with the old one going down in the basement till the time I can go and clean the hard disk and discard it. After plugging the new one, I had to learn a new Operating system while I had to older one Windows 7 and now it is an upgrade to Windows 8.1. Although I had heard complaints about it but for now I am trying to adjusting to it and it is not too bad one you start the hang of it. With any new thing you have to adjust to your own specifications and with the new computer I had to download all the browsers and other software needed to work on that I had previously installed in my older computer. With new computer plugged in, my wife said it is time to order new wire keyboard and mouse so that the wires do not get entangled with other wires. With these new things I am all set to work on my blog and other things and I am back in business with my computer adventures. So do you research and instead of going for the most powerful computer, weigh your finances and chose the one which is most suitable for your needs for a couple of years (but you do use your computer for longer than that). My older one lasted almost four and half years and hopefully this one will last the same time too.

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