Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii-5

So we wrapped up the first day by making plans for the next one. It was not difficult to make such a plan as we were there to relax and not have a rush to see different sites. The next day we did some swimming in the pool with a background of the beach and since we did not have any grocery stocked in, we decided to do some grocery after the swimming. Although Hawaii is expensive as compared to mainland U.S. due to the fact that they have to import almost everything by air or by sea, I did not felt it expensive. You can say that we did not have a choice but to be fair, when you are in vacation, you really care about how much you are going to spend if you stay in your budget. Along the way to the grocery store, you will numerous beaches and one of the beaches we visited was Sunset beach. Like any other beach in Hawaii at least, it was beautiful with sandy beach and clear water hitting the sand and people just sunbathing or taking a dip in the ocean. It was sunny day and everybody was having fun in the sun. After staying there for a while, we headed back to our resort. If you happen to drive on the north shore of Hawaii, you will see lots of truck vendors selling Shrimp and fish and one of the famous one was Kuhuku Grill in the small town of Kuhuku past our resort. At night we decided to venture to that place and there was rush of people as they were taking one order at a time and then you had wait for your order which was although freshly made but took quite a bit of time. The place was not that fancy but the food was good.

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