Sunday, June 14, 2015

On the lighter side-Travel-Oahu, Hawaii-7

The day was not already ruined just because of a phone as we ate lunch in a nearby town which had subway® in it and a great ice cream place called Angels. After taking a nap at the resort and we were lazy enough not to go outside and we decided to order Pizza which came pretty fast considering it was not in the same town that we were in. After eating it was time to take to go sleep. The next day we decided to explore the beaches alongside the road. First we went to Waimea Beach which was not that far but it the parking was horrendous as the parking lot was small and people were more. I dropped off my family and starting circling around the lot to see if anybody is going to leave and after a few circles I found a spot. I went to the place where my family was enjoying the sun and the beach. After staying there for an hour or so, we headed towards shark cove, a beach supposedly with sharks nearby, no such luck there. We bought some T-shirts from a vendor nearby and then went to the grocery store to do shopping again. We had a coffee beside the grocery store with a friendly staff. We had a lunch in a place called Giovanni’s Shrimp which was very cheap and they gave a lot of food with it. My wife had coconut water which was not as tasty but it is still considered healthy. At night we went again to the subway® place and on the way back saw a beautiful temple which was shining in the dark. We decided to explore it and found out it is a temple/church of the Mormons, the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

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