Sunday, June 7, 2015

Searching for computers-4

The other one AMD ® was my first computer and it worked fine until it also died. Both the companies have fine processors but with price range for all market segments. For me it all boiled down to how much I would want to spend and if it would be a laptop or a desktop or even a new version in which you just browse the internet and they have much lower storage capacity. I searched for laptop but ultimately decided that a desktop should replace a desktop. I don’t know about you but I am so used to desktop that it is hard to change the habit to do work on a laptop when I am in the house. When you are on the go, there is no comparison about it and you should and must use laptop as most of the laptops do the same function as a desktop but with more mobility. Now I have been using the Microsoft® operating system for the longest time and it is hard to switch to another one but I am warming to the fact that the other ones like Google Chrome ® and Apple ® operating systems also deserve another look and maybe to have an alternative, but the Apple ® one is so expensive that it is right now out of reach of my financial, so I decided to stick to what I am most familiar with and use in the office atmosphere which is Microsoft ® windows. And looking at the price range, my wife ordered a Lenovo ® computer with the cheaper or you can say a slower processor by Intel ® but I am very happy with it as I am not doing anything which I am pressed for time that I cannot wait to process it fast enough.

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