Sunday, June 21, 2015

Uproars in social media

Nowadays social media has become such a powerful tool that anybody be that an ordinary person or a celebrity can bring them either instant popularity or instant scorn in a few minutes. With social media, people have started to become careful about what they say even offline but sometimes people do say things that are hurtful to other people’s feelings and when the general public start to gave them backlash then they scramble to either retract their statement or say that it has been taken out of context which is one of the most favorite words out there for people who have said something utterly despicable. It is a good thing that people are vigilant enough to point out that something is wrong with that person’s statement that they force them to say sorry but do you believe that the person who said that thing did not think it twice before saying it or believing in what they have said. Sometimes even if a person says something which can make sense faces backlash then in that case I believe political correctness has run amok. Okay I can understand that something should not be said in any circumstances and even if that person believes otherwise, he/she should keep it to themselves in this age of fast moving news. But if you believe that what you have said is right in all fairness then you should stick to it as you will and could not please everybody and there is bound be some people who will take offense of your stand for and against certain issues. But sometimes Silence is Golden and you should keep your mouth shut because if you say something it can come back to haunt you years down the road.

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