Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Greek drama unfolding

I have wrote some time ago that Greece should exit the Euro Zone but the Euro Zone countries continued to throw a life line to Greece giving them more loans in the hopes that they will be able to keep Greece in the Zone. I adore Greece people since I met some of the nicest one and this article has nothing to the long suffering of them. But it is now time to get out of Euro and set up their own currency so that they can have control of their own destiny. Sure they will have to endure more pain but in the longer time, it will be good for them as their exports will increase. The new government is adamant that they don’t want to endure more pain inflicted on the Greeks and the latest is that they will have a snap referendum to see if the people will want to stay in the Euro or not. This uncertainty should now end and the people should vote out the Euro and the Euro zone countries should know by now that they will not be able to see their entire loan not returned let alone any interest accumulated on it. And surely the exit of Greece will be disruptive to the world markets but I am sure by now they have anticipated that it would happen sooner or later that the market will adjust to the turmoil. It is time to move on to make the Euro stronger and not wait for the next financial uncertainty to hit them.

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