Saturday, July 25, 2015

Terror strikes in Kuwait, Tunisia and France

Last week was particularly very gruesome for the as terror struck in Kuwait, Tunisia and France. It was a tragedy that was incomprehensible a few decades ago but the frequency of these attacks has everybody on guard in the world. As all of these attacks were related to Islamic Extremism, the Muslim world’s majority silently or sometimes I should gleefully watches their fellow Muslims minority sects and non Muslims die, they are comfortable in the fact that they are not getting hit. I would not even go Nigeria right now where the massacres are particularly appalling a people die not in the tens but in the hundreds and now the use of female suicide bombers add another dimension to this saga. Now these terror groups not even have to claim responsibility for the carnage as lone wolfs inspired by the hatred speeches of these so called Muslims claim responsibility and show no remorse for their deeds. I am beyond sick reading these terror attacks in the name of a religion which the majority confesses to be of peace but the people claiming to be the silent majority don’t even want to condemn as long as the minorities whom they claim are the so called Non Muslims are dying. How can the world take the plight of Palestinians seriously when their fellow Muslims use terror to silence anybody not sufficient to be Muslims enough in their eyes? I would not say that it is time to confront this evil since it is useless to wake up the Muslim majority because they are in deep slumber and denial and I should say happy to see the so called Non Muslims infidels die while they only condemn when it suits them.

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