Friday, February 21, 2014

The Spying game goes on in Sophistication-2

All the hype has died down and life has moved on and so does the spying. There have been pros and cons to all this business of spy exposure. For example with all this exposure, the world knows that the U.S. spies on them through various means of technologies and it does not only to the enemies but friends too, so this exposure has hurt the spying capabilities of the U.S. and now all the governments are devising means to block the U.S. intrusion into the private lives of their citizens and politicians. Foreign governments are becoming more cautious about using American technology lest there be some spying material inside it and more and more of them are trying to develop their own technologies so that they don’t have to rely on the American ones. And with this exposure, we can see the spy agencies in a new light or can we since in our hearts we already know that they were spying and tracking everything we do online and offline. But on the other side, you can say that now there will be more spying done and more discretely and new technologies will emerge and strict employee clearance will be initiated to make sure that nothing of this sort leaks out in the future. I don’t believe there will be less spying on account of this episode but it will be more under wraps and highly sophisticated technology would be used on the pretext that countries are under threat from other countries and the spies have protect us from them. So welcome to the new world of Spying.

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