Friday, February 21, 2014

The Anti Immigration referendum in Switzerland

Recently the voters in Switzerland adopted a resolution limiting the number of immigrants that will be allowed to work and live in that country. Now I know that every country has the right to formulate its own policy regarding the number of people it can allow to work in their country and it is not that it was done by some dictator but it was done in a referendum which was approved by the voters of that country. And we should all respect that decision but why would Switzerland want to enact a law which will hamper its ability to attract much needed talent? As you may well know Switzerland is one of the most expensive places to live and work and hence people are attracted to that place due to its high standard of living and as such the growing housing shortage may have be one of the reasons that spurred this action. It has also to do with the wave of anti immigrant sentiment that has been creeping up lately due to the economic situation in Europe. More and more affluent countries in Europe have their own version of extremist right wing ultra nationalist groups who want to limit or even eliminate immigration if possible and this is being played all over Europe. And surprisingly they are more inspired by the Nazi Movement in Germany which was the cause of so much destruction. So these two combinations of intolerant nationalist parties and a growing housing shortage has something to do with the votes but it is also the failure of the government to counter arguments regarding immigration and what it means to their country. I hope that this kind of vote would not spread all over Europe because then the genuine immigrants or even the ones who are highly skilled will be discouraged to go to Switzerland and the economy of that country will ultimately suffer.

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