Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Birthday party

This last weekend I attended my brother in law's youngest child birthday party. Although I will tell you what happened at the party but this article will be about how small party clubs catering to kids have mushroomed in the United States. First the Birthday party, when we reached there it had already started snowing with flurries coming down slowly and cold. I entered the area and it was just like many of the ones that I have attended before with open space in a warehouse type setting. With play area for the kids, it was a perfect setting but to be fair it was more empty space than in other usual settings. Kids were playing and had a blast of a time and after a while taking pictures, the cake was cut and pizza was served, there were some fruits and sodas too to eat and drink but it was all over as fast as it was organized, I don’t know the exact timing but it must be for two hours. Now I will come to my point, I have attended many birthday parties and when I believe I have seen the entire kids arcade and the parties that can be hosted there, in comes another invite and another new place to see. And I believe that you don’t need that much to operate too. Just rent or lease an empty warehouse, renovate it according to your specifications and kid friendly proof and advertise and there you have it. Although the upfront fees to do the entire above can reach 50k to 75k and more but you can easily recoup that investment in a year or so.

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