Friday, February 21, 2014

The jobs people do while you stay inside

You know we complain about lots of stuff when it comes to weather related issues. If it is too cold, we complain that we want to warm and when it becomes too hot then we want to chill out and be a little bit colder for our body. But have to you ever thought about the people who regardless of the weather work in all conditions because their jobs demands it and they don’t have the luxury to stay indoor if the weather is not to their liking. I am talking about firefighters, police personnel, street vendors, the construction workers and other people who done have any choice but to work in all sorts of weather to make a living or they lose one day due to weather. But some have the choice to sit home and utilize their holidays but some like street vendors and fire fighters cannot even do that because every day not on the job means no money for that day (although the fire fighters can utilize their days but still if fire breaks out then they have to in the streets). I believe (and I may be wrong) but the firefighters have the hardest time in extreme weathers. They have to fight fires in hot and cold weather and with their heavy suits and at this moment you thank your lucky stars that you are not the one out there doing it and you are in the comfort of your office with controlled climate to do your work (well at least the people who work in offices do have this luxury). So next time you complain about weather, take a moment to think about what it could have been if you were in their shoes.

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