Friday, February 21, 2014

The auto union lost in Tennessee, U.S.-2

And unlike in the past the auto companies have more choices regarding where to locate their production. Every country vies for the auto industry jobs since it signals that the country has entered in an industrial phase and the jobs are also high paying. The unions should realize that the job security that they used to provide is now a thing of the past. No company wants to have a hang of union company on its head every three to four years and the auto unions should also need to take a lesson front airplane maker in Washington where despite many opposition to airplane union contract it was accepted by the workers because of the airplane maker going to another non union state to make the planes being one of the major reasons. Although the unions showed much more flexibility to the running up of the organization election but it was not enough to sway the negative campaign against it. All is still not lost on the unions despite this seemingly huge setback. If the unions can be flexible enough on some issues like health costs, pension plans, wages and overtime and other related issues, then they may have some fighting chance to organize the workers on less stringent terms which reflect the new realities of workplace. Although I am not in a union and I believe that the unions sympathize with their workers but if they are not flexible in this competitive world economy then they will become much smaller with reduced power no matter how much the management is receptive to the idea of having a union among their midst or politicians in favor of them.

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