Friday, February 21, 2014

The Spying game goes on in Sophistication

If you have been ever in a situation where you have been asked to or are forced to do something for the first time and you are very hesitant to do it but when you do with shaking hands and doubtful mind and once you do it, it does not sound that bad or awful. Or maybe it does but the first time hesitancy is gone and if you are asked or forced to do the same thing again another time, you would be okay with that and all the shame and guilt that accompany the first time is now history. And this has exactly happened with the revelation of the spying details of the NSA by the now ex-employee Snowden who have leaked many of the secrets that were not truly secrets out in the open. The initial outrage came and had repercussions but as he started to leak more of it and is threatening to leak more, the surprise event has started to wear off a bit. I am saying this because of a new report that was released recently that said that not much has changed since the initial uproar of the spying leakage came. Things have moved on quite a bit after some strong protest from foreign government. After the leaks there were some measures announced by the U.S. government that would limit the amount of spying that will be done on U.S. and foreign soil but nothing was completely eliminated. It just altered some of the unbridled spying that was happening but who knows if it is still happening or not.

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