Thursday, February 6, 2014

Maintenance expenses of the house

This last weekend I had a leak in my other house and I had to rush to check it out myself. Thankfully I was able to find my handyman in time and he told me that it was not that of a big deal after checking where the leak was coming from and I was relieved that it was not a major expense; otherwise it would have been bad. You know that my house is almost 100 years or so old and constant maintenance is the key to keep it up to shape. And that is what I want to state in this article. Maintaining a house where you live is equally hard but at least you are living in it and you can delay it as much as possible because the only people complaining about the problem is you and your family. If you can do without it for a while, you try to do it until it becomes an emergency and you don’t have any choice. But if you have a rental property, then you are unable to ignore even minor inconveniences since you are getting paid by your tenants to live there and they have every right to demand that things should be fixed on time. If you are lucky enough, they would not bother you too much and only major events will trigger some urgent phone call to you but there may be some tenants who might call you often. Finding a good and what I call non bother able tenant is the key to having a rental property. Your tenant can be a key to whether you make some money on your property or just bleed cash till you sell the house in disgust.

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