Thursday, February 13, 2014

On the Business Path: Internet Business-6

Once the business grows and you have the money then you can host your own website business but for now, just rent the space out as it is much cheaper and costs less than a dollar a day. Although there is another solution which is gaining momentum and it is called cloud computing. It is that the servers are owned by other big companies and you just upload your website to it. You only pay what you can utilize in that space and as your needs grows so you pay more for that space, although I should caution that since the renting and cloud computing options has the downside that if something goes wrong with their servers, your website can go down too and it can anywhere from a few minutes to hours on end. And sometimes these crucial down times or outages can mean a loss of revenue for a startup. Other thing is that in case of renting a space with a company without cloud computing, you can have at least some sort of web creating site where you can initially create a rudimentary website for your business plus you can have other applications free of charge, but in case of cloud you are on your own as you have to built everything from scratch and there is no help to create a website (although it can in the future but for now you have to maintain your website on the cloud, since they are just hosting it). But cloud can be an effective way to manage your site with minimal investment.

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